Best Lake Tahoe Florist for Your Dream Wedding

Looking to add a touch of natural beauty to your South Lake Tahoe wedding? Look no further! As a passionate wedding and elopement photographer who has roamed the stunning landscapes of Tahoe capturing love stories, I understand the importance of every detail in creating your dream day. I’m thrilled to spotlight the talented florist of South Lake Tahoe, Genna Ewing of Scarlette & Sage Floral Co, who specializes in crafting exquisite bouquets that harmonize with the surrounding majesty of the mountains and lake. From lush, romantic arrangements to rustic, wildflower-inspired designs, there’s a bouquet style to suit every bride’s vision. Join me as we explore South Lake Tahoe floristry and discover the perfect blooms to enhance your wedding day.

I recently sat down with Genna to talk about the floral industry as it pertains to wedding and elopement photography, addressing common questions that brides have. Genna’s insights provide valuable guidance for those planning their Lake Tahoe elopement, ensuring every detail, from bouquets to overall floral design, aligns perfectly with their vision.

Where Are You Located?

Our preferred florist vendor, Genna, is based in Placerville, CA, serving El Dorado and surrounding counties. This central location allows us to easily service Lake Tahoe elopements, ensuring your floral arrangements are fresh and beautiful on your big day.

What Type of Service Do You Provide?

We offer full-service wedding florals and a la carte services. Full-service weddings start at $3,500 and include setup and breakdown, creating elaborate designs like ceremony arches, table setups, and more. Our a la carte services start at $2,000, perfect for smaller or more specific needs.

What Sets You Apart from Other Vendors in the Area?

Quick and personalized responses are our hallmark. We understand the overwhelming nature of wedding planning and aim to simplify it by working closely with you to create a vision that fits your style and budget. We don’t pressure you into spending more than you can afford but help you understand realistic expectations for your floral design.

What’s Your Favorite Part About Your Service?

Delivering the bride’s bouquet is a special moment we cherish. Seeing a bride’s face light up or tears of joy flow is an honor. It’s a beautiful reminder of why we love what we do.

What’s Included in Your Packages?

We don’t offer set packages. Instead, we have an inquiry form on our website where clients detail their needs and budget. We follow up with a consultation call to understand their vision, then create a personalized vision board and itemized proposal. This helps clients see exactly where their budget goes and make informed decisions.

What Are the Different Types of Floral Bouquets a Bride Could Have?

  1. Garden-Style: Lush bouquets with premium blooms and minimal greenery, offering a whimsical, flowing shape.
  2. Whimsical: Wild and free-form, these bouquets can be as bold or subtle as you like, with asymmetrical designs and dancing blooms.
  3. Cascading: Dramatic bouquets that flow downward, creating a stunning, elongated look.
  4. Traditional-Round: Classic and symmetrical, usually featuring whites and greens with a uniform shape.
  5. Boho: Garden-style bouquets with natural elements like grasses and dried flowers, perfect for a rustic feel.

Tips to Ensure Your Floral Designs Align with Your Wedding Theme

Cohesive design is key. Make sure your florals match across the ceremony, reception, and personal flowers like bouquets and boutonnieres. Communicate any additional floral plans with your florist to ensure a seamless look. Understanding and choosing a style that reflects your vision will help your wedding feel unified and beautiful.

Can You Clarify the Term “Hand-Tied Bouquet”?

A “hand-tied” bouquet means the florist uses no mechanics to create it. Each stem is placed intentionally, offering control over the design and shape. Other methods include using chicken wire or floral foam, but hand-tied bouquets are a personal favorite for their natural flow and flexibility.

How Much Do Wedding Florals Cost?

Wedding florals vary widely based on vision and wedding size. Generally, expect to spend at least $5,000 for a 75-person wedding. Seasonal availability and color schemes also affect cost. We recommend scheduling a consultation to discuss your needs and budget, ensuring transparency and realistic expectations.

Why Do Florists Differ in Cost?

Costs vary due to overhead expenses, flower choices, and design styles. Florists with higher costs often choose premium blooms, resulting in more expensive but stunning designs. Selecting a less expensive florist might not always yield the desired look, so it’s essential to balance budget with your floral vision.

Choosing the right Lake Tahoe florist and elopement photographer can make your special day truly memorable. Remember, it’s about finding vendors who understand your vision and can bring it to life with expertise and care. Happy planning!

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