Lake Tahoe Elopement Vendors

Thinking of eloping in Lake Tahoe? You’re in for a treat with its stunning natural beauty. The lake and mountains create a perfect backdrop for your special day. If you’re planning a small wedding or an intimate elopement, Lake Tahoe has it all. Finding vendors for your elopement in this picturesque destination is essential. From an experienced Lake Tahoe elopement photographer to help capture your cherished moments, there’s no shortage of options to make your dream elopement come true. Let the breathtaking scenery inspire you as you plan your unforgettable Lake Tahoe elopement and create memories to last a lifetime. Here are some of the area’s BEST LAKE TAHOE ELOPEMENT VENDORS!

Olympic Valley Wedding Venue

For an intimate wedding in Lake Tahoe, the Olympic Valley Stables proved to be the perfect small wedding venue. With the grand, snow-topped mountains providing a breathtaking backdrop, the scene was truly awe-inspiring. Couples can exchange heartfelt vows, surrounded by the beauty of nature, making your ceremony a memorable and meaningful experience. Olympic Valley Stables offers warmth and charm, perfect for rustic or boho vibes. The venue also offers a lounge for bride and grooms to prep before your ceremony! Love finds its place amidst the stunning landscapes, making it an ideal setting for a small and intimate wedding.

Mountain Vibe Rentals

Mountain Vibes Rental Company is the ideal choice for couples planning an intimate wedding day at Lake Tahoe. Their selection of wedding day detail rentals adds a touch of rustic elegance and natural charm to any small-scale celebration. From whimsical arbor setups to delicate table settings, Mountain Vibe Rentals ensures that every detail is carefully crafted to match the couple’s unique vision.


Professional floral arrangements and bouquets for a wedding day bring a touch of natural beauty and elegance to small and intimate Lake Tahoe weddings. The thoughtfully curated flowers, sourced locally, add charm to your celebration. With expert floral designers from A Floral Affair, the couple’s vision comes to life with precision and care. The arrangements perfectly complement the scenic beauty, creating a romantic atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. From delicate bridal bouquets to enchanting table centerpieces, the floral magic adds an extra special touch to your wedding day.

Stationary and Rings

For this small and intimate wedding, the couple chose Blush Ink Calligraphy to provide stunning stationery that set the tone for their special day. The bespoke designs added a personal touch and artistic flair to the occasion. As they exchanged vows, they did so with the custom handcrafted rings from Staghead Designs, signifying their everlasting commitment to each other. The combination of exquisite stationery and unique rings made their Lake Tahoe wedding even more meaningful and memorable.

Photographing your Lake Tahoe Wedding Day

Planning a magical elopement in Lake Tahoe is an exciting journey for any couple. With its stunning natural beauty as a backdrop, its the perfect destination for an intimate wedding. When it comes to capturing those cherished moments, Captured By Aleena Photography is your girl! I offer expertise to ensure your special day is beautifully preserved. Your wedding day deserves to be captured with genuine romance and authenticity. So, don’t hesitate to book your Lake Tahoe intimate wedding and let the magic of this location and expert photography create a truly unforgettable experience.

Lake Tahoe stands as a dream destination for small weddings and intimate elopements. Its captivating beauty and landscapes provide the perfect backdrop to celebrate love in its purest form. Couples can create unforgettable memories in this beautiful setting. To turn your elopement dreams into reality, consider reaching out to Captured By Aleena Photography. I will ensure that every precious moment is beautifully captured, allowing you to cherish these memories for a lifetime. Let Lake Tahoe be the stage for your love story as you set out on this unforgettable journey together.

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